Autumn Bundle Deal

October? How the heckin' hell did that happen??

We've been getting asked a lot if we offer a bundle of Wildcat bikepacking kit to make buying what you need for your trip a little easier. We don't (but read on...). There's a few reasons, I guess the main one is that I don't believe one system is going to work for everyone the same way. There's a bunch of bikepacking kit out there and most of it is very good. I like the idea that people do their research and choose what they think will work best for them. I have no doubt that will probably mean a mix of products from different brands. I hope that the functionality, durability and light weight bullet points you find throughout Wildcat gear will mean that once you do your research, you end up back here for the full kit but I also hope that it's going to be sunny and 21ºc when I wake up tomorrow 🤷

That all said, I think if we can make it easier and more attractive to get people to use more of our range on their adventures then that's got to be a good thing (for us). So for the rest of October and all of November, we're offering a 20% discount if you purchase a front harness, rear harness and a frame bag from us. Simply put 3 qualifying items (or more) in your basket and enter the code 'happytrails' at the checkout and the 20% discount will be applied automatically. If you've already bought 3 qualifying items this month, drop me an email and I'll give you the 20% discount retrospectively.

Qualifying items

Rear Harness Frame Bag Front Harness

Tiger Drover

Ocelot (any size) Lion

Tiger Wayfarer

Ocelot-R (any size) Fat Lion
Choose at least one item from each of the 3 columns and enter the code 'happytrails' at the checkout and we'll apply the 20% discount.



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