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Ocelot-R Frame Bag

Ocelot-R Frame Bag

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The Ocelot-R is the next instalment in our frame bag range. This is a pared down version of the standard Ocelot. The original Ocelot was conceived when the majority of bikepackers were riding mountain bikes. We've recently seen more and more trips being undertaking on bikes that come much more from the road side of things. These bikes have a narrower q-factor (pedals are closer together, knees are closer together). Unfortunately, this can mean knees can end up rubbing on a wider frame bag, resulting in worn through tights and in some cases worn out skin! The Ocelot-R is a narrower bag (55mm vs 85mm on the standard Ocelot) which means there's more space for your legs to do their thing without getting worn away.  

We've also removed the thin document pocket so this bag only has one compartment accessed through a single full length zipper on the right hand side. As with the standard Ocelot, there's an access port for hydration hose and/or dynamo/battery lead. The internal pocket is padded and lined with a high-vis fabric to make finding items easier.

This latest Ocelot range has replaced the the velcro fastening straps that would normally go round the top tube with an elastic retention system. This allows the bag to be opened and closed with much less stress on the zipper. It also saves a bunch of weight. 


The little video below shows how the elastic retention helps the zipper out :

Standard Features

  • Dimension Polyant LiteSkin21 and Ballistic nylon fabric construction
  • Battery lead or hydration hose port underneath the top tube
  • Internal padding to protect frame and provide a rattle free ride.
  • Full length YKK #8 waterproof zip on main compartment with protected closure.
  • Nominal bag width: 55mm.


By taking the measurement of the total length of the underside of your top tube, you can select which size you require according to the following guide:

  • Large
    • Length: 50cm
    • Depth: 8cm
    • Approx capacity*: 2.2 litres
    • Weight: 159g  
  • X-Large
    • Length: 54cm
    • Depth: 9cm
    • Approx capacity*: 2.6 litres
    • Weight: 164g

The approximate capacity of the Wildcat Ocelot is determined by taking the nominal length, width and height measurements to calculate capacity in litres. In practice, the maximum width of a loaded bag will slightly exceed the 55mm nominal width around the spine of the bag, and so provide marginally more capacity than that stated above.

If you find your top tube falls between two sizes, pick the closest. If it’s exactly halfway, we recommend sizing up.


Product FAQ

Are your Ocelot-R frame bags waterproof?

We describe the Ocelot-R as very water resistant, in much the same way as most good quality rucksacks are. The LS21 face fabric is waterproof, as is the YKK zip, but as the seams are not sealed prolonged exposure to heavy rain could lead to moisture inside the bag. We recommend protecting any sensitive items in dry bags if wet conditions are expected.

My bike is between sizes, which should I go for?

We recommend you pick the closest size to the quoted measurement. If you are exactly between two sizes, we suggest sizing up to achieve the best fit.

Will the Ocelot fit around my cable guides?

Variations in cable guide position are difficult to predict. Generally, any cable guides on the inside of the main triangle do not cause any issues. Cable guides falling on the outside of a tube can usually have the strap secured over them without adverse affect to either frame bag or cable function.

I have a top tube pack from another manufacturer. Will it fit?

The top tube straps of the Ocelot-R have been designed to accommodate most makes of top tube bag.


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