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Tiger Drover Saddle Harness

Tiger Drover Saddle Harness

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The Wildcat Tiger Drover model is our bigger padded harness to protect and secures your dry bag behind the saddle. It has our unique retention system that eliminates swaying when loaded and resists working loose over rough terrain. The Tiger Drover is the larger of our two Tiger models, perfect for long day rides or multi-day tours where you need to pack a little more. It delivers a solid storage solution with minimal interference to your riding and so maintaining predictable handling. You can add further storage capacity with our existing frame bag and handlebar system products.

Picture show the Tiger with a Tapered Drybag installed (not included).

See instructions for fitting here


  • Unique retention system eliminates swaying when loaded
  • Padded LS21 and ballistic nylon fabric construction protects your dry bag
  • Scaleable storage: use your own dry bags sized for your trip
  • The Drover version is sized for 5 to 10 litre dry bags
  • Lightweight: Only 183g


  • The Wildcat Tiger Drover is designed to fit most available saddles. It will fit a conventional twin-rail saddle, and either inline or layback seat posts.
  • A minimum of 17.5 cm of seatpost and 20.5 cm of clearance between saddle and tyre is recommended.
  • The shape of the harness is designed to accommodate different manufacturers’ dry bags in a range of sizes. To optimise the insertion of the dry bag, we recommending packing soft items to ensure the tapered shape of the harness is filled properly.
  • There is no limit on the weight that the Tiger can hold, but very heavy loads will have a greater impact on the handling of the bike due to the position relative to the centre of gravity.

Drybag Integration

The 2020 Tiger has a design tweak that allows you to remove the lateral retaining strap and use the inbuilt clips for Wildcat Tapered Drybags to secure the bag to the harness. This gives you a lighter neater setup that's also quicker to attach. This is an optional step and the Tiger can still be used as normal with any non-Wildcat drybag. See the video below for more info.




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