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Lioness Front Pouch

Lioness Front Pouch

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The Wildcat Lioness is our front pack to run with our Lion harness. It provides approximately 2 litres of additional storage capacity within easy reach of the cockpit of the bike. It features its own retention straps independent of the Lion, avoiding any redundant buckles when not in use. It’s also compatible with every Lion we’ve ever made.

The Lioness is an easily accessible and flexible storage space that provides minimal interference to your riding. Maintaining predictable handling is core to all our Wildcat designs and the Lioness is no exception. It expands our existing handlebar system and complements our frame bag and seat system storage solutions too.

Wildcat Lioness Features

  • Independent retention system provides easy adjustment and positioning.
  • Padded LS21 and ballistic nylon fabric construction protects the front of your dry bag.
  • Internal mesh pockets help organise essentials.
  • Easy access with wide double-zipped opening.
  • Curved profile is optimised for 8 to 13 litre dry bags.
  • Lightweight: Only 134g.


  • The Lioness is no wider than the padded panel of the Mountain Lion, ensuring compatibility with existing set-up.
  • The retention straps are designed to allow rotational adjustment to suit your handlebar setup and reach.
  • The curved profile of the pocket works well around your dry bag.
  • The forward position of the zip ensures compatibility with a wide range of handlebars, including the Jones Loop H-bar®.
  • It may be necessary to lengthen gear cables to provide a smoother curve around your luggage for an optimum fit.

In the Press

  • Read more about the design of the Lioness in our blog post.

See instructions for fitting here

Product FAQs

Is it the Lioness waterproof?

We describe the Lioness as very water resistant, in much the same way as most good quality rucksacks are. The face of the LS21 fabric is waterproof, and we use high quality YKK waterproof zip, but, as the main seams are not sealed, prolonged exposure to heavy rain could lead to moisture inside the bag. We recommend protecting any sensitive items in dry bags if wet conditions are expected.

What colours are available?

The Lioness is only available in grey at present.

Will the Lioness work with a handlebar harnesses from other manufacturers?

Yes, it will. It has its own straps to attach it to the handlebar.

Can it be used on its own?

No, the Lioness has a curved shape intended to be used where there is a dry bag around which it can be attached.

Can I use it on its own to retain a dry bag?

We don’t recommend this as it would lead to an unstable load and/or premature wear to the dry bag caused by friction against the frame/ handlebar. We would recommend always using with a Lion harness for maximum functionality.

What capacity is it?

The Lioness has approximately 2.5 litres of capacity, making ideal for storing small generally lightweight pieces of gear; gloves, hat, camera, wind shell, food, map etc.

Will it fit with a Lion on a Jones bar?

Yes, it will. As avid Jones H-Bar users, the Lioness is designed specifically to fit this type of handlebar.

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