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Fat Lion Handlebar Harness

Fat Lion Handlebar Harness

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The Wildcat Gear Fat Lion comprises of a large padded harness to retain your large dry bag under the bars. Our unique and secure retention system developed and proven under the Mountain Lion is supplemented with two additional straps to provide maximum stability for a larger load, and continues to resist working loose over rough terrain.

The Fat Lion delivers a solid storage solution with minimal interference to your riding for dry bags between 13 and 35 litres in size. This makes it a solid helps to maintaining predictable handling, and compliments our frame bag and seat system storage solutions.

The Lion will work with Jones loop bars (and other loops bars), flat bars and riser bars. The Fat Lion is likely too wide to fit with your drop bars.

Pictures show the Fat Lion with various drybags including a Wildcat Double Ended Drybag. The Fat Lion does NOT come with a drybag and although the Double Ended Drybag is an ideal companion, any drybag approx 13-35 litres in size should work.  

See instructions for fitting here

The current pictures you see are from an older model, new pictures will be up soon but note that the current version has the same grey fabric that you see on the standard Lion harness. 

Wildcat Gear Fat Lion Features

  • Unique 4-strap retention system eliminates movement when loaded.
  • Padded LS21 and ballistic nylon fabric construction protects your dry bag.
  • Adjustable and removable under panel to distribute strap pressure and protect the underside of the bag
  • Scaleable storage: use your own dry bags sized for your trip.
  • Optimised for large dry bags 13 to 35 litre dry bags.
  • No excess weight: Only 290g.


    • The Wildcat Gear Fat Lion will fit a wide range of handlebar types designed for off road use, but not dropped handlebars.
    • Note that the width of the padded panel may require adjustment to brakes/ shifters to ensure proper clearance and function
    • The retention system fits around all types of conventional forks, rigid or suspension. Not compatible with the Cannondale Lefty “fork”.
    • It may be necessary to lengthen gear cables to provide a smoother curve around your luggage for an optimum fit.



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