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Wildcat Double Ended Drybag 13L

Wildcat Double Ended Drybag 13L

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Our unique Double-Ended Dry Bag is cleverly divided so that you can separate your gear.
It’s constructed in a way that enables the sections to infinitely self-adjust to your gear.

Separate wet from dry, clean from dirty, or anything else you can think of.
You can even start with the whole bag as one compartment and move things as they get wet during your trip!

  • Self adjusting compartments – simply start stuffing!
  • Different coloured clips help you see the compartment’s purpose
  • Whole bag can be used as a single compartment when required
  • Fully taped seams and waterproof fabric keep dry items dry!

The bags are available in 2 sizes, 8-litre and 13-litre and both fit the Lion Handlebar Harness perfectly. (final pic shows the drybag in the Lion harness, harness is not included).

Note that both the yellow and black double ended drybags have yellow interiors. This makes it easier to locate contents in the bag in lower light conditions. 


  • 8L : 123g
  • 13L : 162g

Size (flat)

  • 8L : 495mm x 270mm
  • 13L : 580mm x 315mm 

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