Wildcat Tiger Instructions

Covers both Drover and Wayfarer Saddle Harnesses

Step 1

Pack your drybag with something soft towards the bottom so that it can mould to the tapered shape of the harness. Even better if you can use one of our tapered drybags designed specifically for this purpose.

Load the filled bag into the harness

Step 2 

First attach and tighten the rear buckle 'a'. Slide the joiner at point 'b' to roughly the middle of the drybag then fasten and tighten the side buckles 'c'.

Step 3

Hold the harness up under the saddle and thread one of the free straps over the saddle rail, through the loop and back over the saddle rail.

The free end then fastens into the remaining tension lock ('d' from step 2).

Do the same on the opposite side, creating a mirror image of the first.

Tighten thoroughly and evenly to remove any slack around the saddle rails.

Step 4 

At the seatpost, take the rubber-coated strap around the seatpost and thread it through the plastic loop on the opposite side. Pull tight and double it back over the buckle then thread it through the loop on the originating side.

Maintain tension in the strap as you pull it around to fix to the side of the harness.

Make final adjustments to all the straps to ensure the Tiger harness is secure and does not sway.

Hints & Tips

  • Try experimenting with packing the drybag with different types of gear. Storing sleeping gear or spare clothing is effective as it adapts to the tapered shape of the harness quite well.
  • The Tiger design allows the drybag to be removed easily once fitted, witjout removing the harness from the bike. Slackening the straps as small amount is all that's needed.
  • For a neater appearance and to prevent snagging, the side buckles can be unclipped and moved outboard of the tension bars as show in the top pic on this page.
  • Wrapping helicopter tape around the seatpost provides an excellent surface for the strap to grip, further aiding stability.