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DD Hammocks

DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Groundsheet

DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Groundsheet

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The DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Groundsheet has been designed to work in conjunction with the DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Tarp, giving you and your gear protection against moist ground on those far-flung pedal-powered adventures

Simple, innovative set-up

The simple tapered shape of the groundsheet fits within the footprint of the DD SuperLight Bikepacker Tarp, and takes merely seconds to set into place.

Once your Bikepacker Tarp is set up, the groundsheet is spread out underneath. Simply place the looped end of the adjustable straps over your pegs and pull the loose tail ends to tighten everything up via the adjustment buckle - almost any saddle height is catered for. Optionally, you can also peg out the reinforced eyelet on the top end

Lightweight & waterproof

As with all gear designed for bikepacking, weight and pack size is a serious concern - and one we have taken into account! The DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Groundsheet weighs only 150g / 5.2oz, and can be compressed down in its' stuff sack to the size of an apple! Easy to fit inside whatever luggage system you are using on your bike, or even slotted neatly into a jersey or jacket pocket.

Whilst this product has been designed for use with the DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Tarp, it can also be used as a standalone groundsheet for a bivvi-style shelter. Just peg in each attachment point to create a waterproof floor for your mat & sleeping bag



Size 210cm x 150cm
Colour Olive Green
Weight 150g
Includes DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Groundsheet, Stuff Sack
Weight limit N/A
  • Incredibly lightweight, weighing only 150g
  • Can be compressed down to approx 12cm x 8cm x 8cm in pack size
  • 4 adjustable attachment straps: 2 at the front (wide end) and 2 and the rear (narrow end).
  • We recommend attaching the foot end straps to the pair of loops nearest to the foot-end point on the DD SuperLight - Bikepacker Tarp
  • Reinforced metal eyelet at the head-end - can be pegged out for an extra-secure set-up
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