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Cheetah Top Tube Bag

Cheetah Top Tube Bag

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This universal-fitting small pack is designed to fit on top of your top tube, against the seat tube/seat post.
Reachable while riding (for those happy with the risk), this location is the perfect place to put items you want to keep handy. Snacks, tools, phone, etc will all be easy to find inside the Cheetah, especially with its bright yellow insides.

Available in two different styles – ‘Standard‘ and ‘Cutaway‘ for frames with an angled seat mast bridge.

Standard Features

  • Dimension Polyant LS21 and Ballistic nylon fabric construction
  • Strap position doesn’t interfere with Ocelot
  • Zip positioned for easy one-handed operation and easy access
  • Internal padding to protect frame and provide a rattle free ride
  • YKK #8 waterproof zip


  • Length: 150mm. Height: 120mm, Width: 45mm wide
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