Wildcat Lion Instructions

Step 1


In order to help the harness form the required curved shape, placed your packed drybag into the harness and connect both retaining straps.

Thread the straps through the guide loops on the tongue section.

Centre the weight of the bag in the harness and tighten the straps snugly.

Step 2 

Place the harness in front of your handlebars as shown.

Ensure that the tri-bar adjusters are positioned at the same height as each other and just above the fork crown.

Step 3


Thread the lower straps under the fork crown, back up and tre-thread them through the tri-bar adjusters.

Ensure good tension between the harness and the tri-bar. This will ensure a more secure fitting when all straps are fully tightened.

Step 4 

Keep everything tight and thread the free end up through the tension locks either side of the stem.

Ensure there is an even tension on all straps and that the harness sits squarely on the bike.

Once happy, fully tighten the straps. 

Hints & Tips

  • We recommend protecting your bars and forks with frame protection tape prior to installation. 
  • To maintain clearance above your tyre, the chosen drybag should be long and narrow rather than short and fat. Position the padded panel on the harness as high as you can.
  • Occasionally, lengthening the gear outer / brake hose will provide a cleaner path, less interference and a more secure fitting of the harness.   
  • When fitted correctly, the Lion harness should not come into contact with the headtube and should not cause any rubbing.
  • Check strap tension periodically to take up any stretch that may occur.
  • If using suspension forks, it's essential that you check the harness does not come into contact with the tyre when fully compressed. We recommend removing the air from the fork to check this.