Tenkara Flyfishing

What is Tenkara?

Tenkara is probably one of the most simple forms of fishing there is. Originating in Japan nearly 500 years ago, it's very similar to the Western style of flyfishing but differs in that there is no reel. The line is directly attached to the end of the rod.  Tenkara is a Japanese word meaning 'fishing from the sky' or 'from the heaven', sometimes translated as 'empty sky'. Tenkara is primarily used to fish for trout in mountain streams and hill lakes. 

Tenkara is simple and it's this simplicity that makes it attractive to hikers, backpackers and bikepackers. Very little equipment is needed, a simple rod (normally collapsable, so very portable), a line and a fly for the end. That's it.

Our most popular Tenkara rods are normally a little smaller than a Western style fly rod and this makes them perfect for fishing small streams a mountain lochs. The simplicity and lack of equipment needed also makes it an ideal activity for kids.             

We supply rods and accessories from Tenkara USA who are the leading manufacturers of Tenkara equipment outside of Japan. The Tenkara USA website is a fantastic resource for all things Tenkara. As the UK's only stockist of Tenkara USA product we keep most items in stock so if you don't see what you're looking for on our site, drop us an email.    

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