We wrote in a post a while ago that our delayed stock of Wildcat kit is going to be delayed even more. You can read that post here :

It's annoying but in the grand scheme of things all I can muster up is a meek, shrugged, 'meh'. It's only stuff and you've probably already got loads of stuff.

However we still do have pretty good stock of all of our little bits and pieces like Voile Straps and drj0n Bagworks doohickeys. All of our small items we ship via the Royal Mail. In order to protect Post Office and RM staff as much as possible, we'll be packing stuff up in packets big enough to get posted by us in a postbox and in most cases they can be posted through your letterbox. This means in some cases you might get 2 packages if you order a bunch of stuff. Don't worry, we won't charge you extra postage for this. Same rates.

Remember, no car, not far, not gnar.

Stay safe.