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DeWidget Strapdeck Double Trouble Triple

DeWidget Strapdeck Double Trouble Triple

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The DeWidget Strapdeck Double Trouble Triple is is a tweaked version of the standard triple, designed to be a little more versatile and to work with the GFunk bar clamps. Designed to bolt on to any existing bosses on your frame it provides a platform for strapping on a bag, bottle or anything else you can think of. 

This particular version, the 'Double Trouble Triple', has bolt locations for triple bosses found on many newer frames as well as on some forks but will also happily work with double (bottle type) bosses too. The 28(!) cut-outs on the Strapdeck also allow you to get clever and strap the deck to anywhere that doesn't have bosses. The 11 bolt location holes means that it really is truly versatile and will fit almost any location as well as sitting centrally if using with the GFunk bar clamps. Use a pair of Voile straps to secure your load. We'd recommend a 20" or 25" strap and some Strap Keepers to keep everything nice and tidy. 


Length : 180mm 

Width : 53mm

Weight : 25g

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