Welsh Ride Thing

This is where it all began.
My husband, Ian, did the Welsh Ride Thing last year and asked me if I could make a frame bag for his bike. We tried a couple of pre-prototypes to get the shape right, before making one out of ordinary cordura. The first design was a little rough (to my eye) and the fabric turned out not to be durable enough, but it did the job of keeping all his gear together on the bike.

It attracted a bit of interest at the event too, and the seed was sewn that there was demand for UK made bikepacking equipment for this increasingly popular activity. Since then things have evolved way ahead of our expectations. Interest grew from other people after the event, and our first order was placed back in October last year. In between making bags we've also turned our attention to other areas on the bike where you can store your gear. Our first product to follow on from frame bags is a handlebar harness. We set out to design something that addressed two areas where we felt there was room for improvement in other designs: overall stability and reducing interference with the bike frame.

We're very pleased to be supporting the Welsh Ride Thing for 2011, both with a prize for the raffle and in attendance. This years event marks the official launch (and a casual and low key manner) of Wildcat Gear.
See you there.

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