Update: November

It's been a busy few months at Wildcat HQ. A steady flow of frame bag orders have been keeping us quite busy lately, which is good in many ways but at the expense of finalising the Lioness front pouch and the Tiger seat system. The cold dark winter evenings will surely lend themselves to getting these things sorted, so the patient amongst you will see some progress on this soon. Here's a quick round up of other news:
Mountain Lion harnesses are in stock again, with a few small tweaks that include a new logo and a ballistic nylon patch for extra reinforcement under the stem area (though we've never managed to wear through the VX fabric). Check out the product page for some updated pictures.
Clouded Leopard: these have been on the order form for a while, but they're not something we get requests for all that often, possibly not helped by a lack of photographs. These are our partial frame bag solutions, and are currently a custom item designed to fit in your frame and around things such as water online pharmacies bottles. With the custom approach as opposed to the standard generic fit, you can be sure that it will fit perfectly around what ever configuration of bottles or other attachments you have inside the main triangle, for your lightweight trip or an alternative to a small hydration pack on a day ride.

[caption id="attachment_411" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Clouded Leopard[/caption]

Snow Leopard: Winter cometh, and so does the need to pack a little extra gear for those cold weather trips. With a tapered front section, you can gain some valuable extra storage space at the front of the bag. The taper is positioned to allow unrestricted pedalling from a seated position. The front section also features a width adjustment. This one pictured was a very large dual compartment version for a custom Roberts, with additional custom strapping points on the top tube. Lots of storage space.

[caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Snow Leopard[/caption]

Lastly, our new logo: a special thanks to Alex Simon for developing a superb logo from our initially vague ideas, and then patiently dealing with the numerous small tweaks before it was finalised.

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