Update: July

We've been a bit behind on the website lately, so here's a few things to bring you up to date.
Boring stuff first: we're having some building work done at Wildcat Gear HQ. While the builders do their thing, we've had to relocate out into the wilds of Wales. It's so remote that we're without landline and broadband and even beyond the reach of a mobile signal. If you need to contact us, either generally or for an order there may be a delay of a couple of days for us to respond.
Now for the more exciting stuff: we prototyped a new feature for the frame bags over the last couple of months, pictured here on Ian's Singular Pegasus:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Full Wrap[/caption]

It's designed for tubes with long straight runs and with minimal cable guide interference. The previous hook loop retention system still provides a secure option and greater flexibility for working around cable guides, but the Full Wrap gives you cleaner lines and consistent tension on the side panels however you pack the bag. This feature is now an option on the order form.
We've just completed a nice dual compartment Leopard for Mark, to fit his large On-one Ti 456. The top tube of these buy cheap topamax online frames is slightly curved, which is reflected in the cut of the top panel of fabric:
We've got some other interesting frame bags coming up over the next few weeks - keep an eye on our flickr page for pictures of a Leopard for a Giant Anthem, some custom additions to a nice dual compartment Leopard for a Singular Gryphon and a very minimalist Clouded Leopard.
Mountain Lion: we had a bit of a run on these over the last few weeks, and these have just gone out of stock. With current frame bag orders, its going to be a few weeks before we'll have another batch made up. We're aiming for early September on these.
Lioness: we're edging ever closer to the prototypes for these. More details next month.
Tiger: we've had quite a few inquiries about our seat system. This is still at prototype stage too, but if you are interested and want to get in touch, please do so using the Contact page above. We're keeping a list of people who would like to know when they're ready, so leave us your email and we'll be in touch when we have more info.

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