The Tigers are Coming...

Following sneak previews and other snippets of information on internet forums and twitter, we're pleased and excited to announce the impending launch of our seat system: The Tiger.

The Tiger represents a different approach to the soft-pack system for the rear of the bike, attaching behind the saddle in the form of a harness into which you fit your own dry bag of a size that is suited to your trip. It features a unique and secure retention system that reduces movement to the extent that you hardly notice that it's there at all, even when fully loaded. It is light weight too at only 180g, excluding dry bag. In common with all our other products, the Tiger features high quality materials that include VX21 and ballistic nylon fabrics, high quality webbing, YKK plastic components and some UK-sourced super strong PVC coated nylon.

The Tiger is the result of many hours of development, countless prototypes and latterly a considerable amount of real-world testing. Tigers have covered many miles across Welsh mountains, Scottish Highlands, Morroccan desert and The Alps, as well as surviving at the hands of Aidan Harding on the Grenzstein Trophy & EWE.
There will be two sizes available: small for dry bags 3-6 litres, and medium for dry bags 4-8 litres in size. Standard colour will be black and custom colours are available with frame bag orders. Cost will be £55 plus postage, and availability expected later this month. Ordering details will appear on the website soon.

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