Tenkara - flyfishing for the bikepacker

We're really excited today to finally be able to go live on our website with the new range of Tenkara fishing equipment. What's Tenkara I hear you ask? Ok, Tenkara is a very simple form of flyfishing that originated in Japan nearly 500 years ago. It's a bit like Western style flyfishing but the rod has no reel, just a line attached to the end of the rod. The focus is on the journey to find the fish then the fishing itself, with no distractions over equipment or setting things up. The rods collapse into very small pack sizes making them ideal, for bikepacking, fastpacking, hiking and fishing from canoe or kayak. Perfect for mountain streams or hill lochs, you can be up and fishing less than minute from digging your rod from your pack.

We've partnered with Tenkara USA provide their products to the UK and European market. Tenkara USA are the leaders in Tenkara equipment outside of Japan and have been manufacturing and supplying kit since 2009.

If you need any help or guidance, please get in touch.


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