Made in Britain

MiB. Made in Britain. We get asked quite a lot about where our products are made, it seems like it's important to people. And it's important to us. All of the Wildcat products are made in the UK. Not because we're jingoistic flag waving loonies but because it makes sense. If we're not manufacturing ourselves, we use factories that are close to us, that way, we're not filling containers and shipping half way around the globe, we can get to know the people we're working with and (in normal times) visit their workplace easily and get to know them and how they work. It allows us to be faster moving, more dynamic and get products to market quicker, often with shorter production runs as we don't need to offset against crazy (and getting crazier) shipping prices.
Made in Britain is an organisation that exists to promote UK made products. You can read more about them here : we're happy to be able to use the MiB mark on all Wildcat products.
*I know I've been mixing up 'UK' and 'Britain' in the post as if they're the same thing. I know they're not. But, meh.

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