Frame Bags: Meet the Ocelot

The pile of frame templates in the workshop was getting out of hand. Something had to be done with them. What looked like a heap of random bits of triangular cardboard, were in fact a vast wealth of information in relation to the geometry of every frame we've ever made a frame bag for.
So, each template was graded according to size and then traced onto a large sheet of paper. Very quickly we began to see "lines of best fit" form around the outline of each frame. After a series of prototypes and adjustments to the bag profile, the Ocelot was born.

While the custom frame bags will continue to be the choice for a proportion of our bikepacking customers, there are a growing number seeking a frame bag that they can move between bikes, or where they want to avoid the lead times inherent in ordering something truly custom. The Ocelot is designed to serve this purpose.
Using the templates we've received over the last two and half years, we've been able create a series of four different sized frame bags that provide a highly functional fit across a wide variety of manufacturers. They feature all of the standard features of our Leopard frame bags, with a document pocket and hose port built in as standard. The shape of the bag is also designed to maintain compatibility with bike-mounted bottles. The positioning of the hook/ loop straps is designed around the known positions of able guides from past templates, and we are confident that the Ocelot frame bag will provide a very functional solution for bikepacking.

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