Steven's A Doofus, But You Get 25% Off

Steven screwed up but you can take advantage.....

A recent shipment of new 2021 Tiger rear harnesses and Lion front harnesses arrived. We were expecting them. What we weren't expecting were twice as many boxes as we thought were coming and twice as many boxes as we had space for (and honestly, twice as many items as we'd budgeted to pay for).

A quick rifle through some forms and emails and a couple of calls later and it turns out that someone (Steven, it was definitely Steven) had placed the same order twice. Then, when the factory had asked us to sign off on the order, had given it the green light. Without. Checking. The. Order.

So, to cut a long story short. We have too many Lions and Tigers. We need to shift this stock pretty quickly. We need the space in the store room and the money in the bank.

So for the rest of 2021 we're offering a 25% discount on our Tiger Drover rear harnesses and Lion front harnesses. 

**UPDATE** You don't need to use the discount code any more, the new price is already applied.

You can claim this discount by using the code 'doofus25' at the checkout.





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